MARTO wine tasting coming up!

MARTO wine tasting coming up!
We’ll be tasting 6 of Martin’s NEW wines in our cozy wine store in Prenzlauer Berg. Join us!

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After our Claus Preisinger, rennersistas and Brand Bros tastings, we’re now doing the young German winegrower MARTO next! And we’re super excited. We’ll be tasting ALL of his new bottles! Get ready for some exciting stuff. Join us for an exclusive MARTO wine tasting at our shop in Prenzlauer Berg.

We’ll be tasting the following wines:

Weiß (of course!)
Al Dente (kinda white, kinda red)
Bastard (light red)
Crazy Crazy (petnat alert!!!!)

Also, expect the following to be included:

+ Bread from Albatross
+ Cheese selection from “Vom Einfachen das Gute“
+ Donuts from our neighbor Brammibals (obviously!)

Price: €29
Date: Oct 23rd, 7pm

Buy your tickets soon, our space is tiny, so there aren’t many.

Cheers and love, Ramona & Philipp



MARTO Wine Tasting



23.10.2019, 19:00 – 21.00 Uhr



8greenbottles natural wine shop + tasting room, Senefelder-Str. 34, 10437 Berlin