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Staff Picks Jan 2023

The 8gb. Team Favorites

The 8gb. team is united by the love of natural wine. And yet our tastes are very different. Some like wines that are wild and spicy, others enjoy more elegance in wine. Well, and with this diversity comes the very best selection of wine recommendations. In this post you can find our current favorite wines!

Like your favorite bookstore

Do you know those wonderful bookstores where all the employees write a recommendation and you can just browse through their very personal favorite books? A secret insight, so to speak, into the "best of" from those who know exactly what they're talking about? First-hand pro-advice, if you will.

We've introduced something similar in our wine stores recently. Each 8gb. team member can write a little love letter to their favorite wine. And because we don't want to keep that from you online, here come the 8gb. Team favorites!

But beware: Our favorites can change pretty quickly and move from red to white to sparkling and maybe a cider in between. So feel free to check back regularly because this list is ever evolving! 👯

1. Ramona's favorite - Waiting for Tom by the rennersistas

My favorite spritz-y red. It's a medium-bodied but still juicy wine. Full of cherry, cassis, cranberry, clove, anise, and licorice. A wild and beautiful wine!

2. lea's favorite - Ponderosa from Piri Naturel

My orange/rosé dream come true 😍. Pinot Gris meets Pinot Noir to become this incredibly balanced yet adventurous, aromatic yet fresh wine with a pinkish hue of your favorite sunset 🌅. Expect subtle tartness, delicate effervescence + notes of raspberries, ripe melon and dried apricot. 

3. meli's favorite - From Earth to Down by Michaela Riedmüller

A spritzy, light mineral orange with a bit of skin contact and some zesty lemon! Good for "in-between weather" and perfect for any occasion.

4. anna's favorite - Rouge from Max sein Wein

Wasn't this a blind surprise! Somehow I never got run d to tasting this wine and maaan did I get blown away by it. Think blackberry, plum your dad's old truck, and riding into the sunset. Thanks, Max 🍷!

5. Philipp's favorite - Fruitloops by Claus Preisinger

The name really says it all. White peach, lychee, dried mango, dragon fruit and lemon. This tropical mix makes you dream of summer. The best way to get through the Berlin winter. 

6. Anne's Favorite - Der Graf by Philip Lardot

This elegant natural Mosel Riesling from Lardot's is a definite showstopper! With notes of lemons, apples, white flowers, and a hint of burnt caramel, it is the perfect Classy Natty! ✨

7. Kostia's Favorite - Blaufränkisch Schieferberg by JOiSEPH

Perfection in simplicity

3 Reasons why this wine is worthy of being my Staff Pick:

  • authentic? Yes, it is Blaufränkisch!
  • Tasty and complex? Heck yes!!
  • Pinot Noir style? Oh yeah, baby!


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