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8 Natural Wines for Beginners 8greenbottles

8 Natural Wines for Beginners

You want to try a natural wine (good choice), but you don't know which one? Don't worry, we are here to help you. Here we present 8 natural wines that are perfect to start with. Make some room in your fridge and let's go!

8 Natural Wines for the Beginning

aka: jumping off into the deep end is worth is

You are ready and would like to try a natural wine. But... the selection is huge, the wines are expensive and you don't want to make a wrong purchase? We know!

Here we present 8 natural wines that are ideal for your first steps into the natural wine world.

1. Grüner Veltliner from Christina Wines

This Grüner Veltliner from the wonderful Christina is super fresh and super aromatic at the same time. Tastes like pickled pear, freshly sliced passion fruit and lemon tart. And all this with 0% residual sugar and 100% lightness!

2. Riesling from Piri Naturel

Here we have a German Riesling from Christine Pieroth aka Piri Naturel. From the first sip, you can expect the best mix of green apple, lemon zest and coconut. Mineral kick included!

3. Riesling M from Bianka and Daniel Schmitt

Yup, another Riesling, but this time in orange format! So here you can expect a fuller body, darker color (orange!) and stronger flavor. This orange wine brings the full load of apricot, peach and spice. Thank you, Bianka and Daniel!

(Psst, more on orange wine here).

4. Hunny Bunny from Judith Beck

Fancy a Rosé? This rosé from Judith Beck is not only suitable for sunshine and balcony evenings. On the contrary, it has a little more body and cleverly combines berry fruit with earthiness! Juicy, jammy, spicy!

5. Blaufränkisch Kalkstein from Claus Preisinger

Clearly, Preisinger cannot be missing from this list! Kalkstein is a very special wine. This wine has everything good: cooked cherries, chocolate and coffee! But even so, the wine is still light and fresh.

6. Tradition Rot from Nibiru

Red but make it 1-liter! With this wine we think of: vegetable lasagna, Netflix evenings with chocolate ice cream, birthday parties! And much more. In short, this liter wine from Nibiru is always a good choice.

7. Pet Nat M from Judith Beck

Bubbles can't be forgotten, of course! And certainly not this bubbly from Judith Beck! A brunch Pet Nat like from a picture book: flowery, creamy, tangy!

(Psst, you can read more about Pet Nat here!)

8. Pet Nat White from the Brand Bros

Yup, another Pet Nat. This one is from German Pet Nat pros Daniel and Jonas Brand! Look forward to a full load of apple, pear, lemon and melon! Wonderfully fresh and mineral.

And now? Best to try them all right away, I'd say 😉 You want even more choice? No problem! Here you can find all our wines!

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