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The Novin boys are creating magic out of Oolong, Sencha & Orange Pekoe tea. Together with a touch of fig leaf flavor, this is a wine alternative like no other. Add a pinch of chamomile and the juice ahh kombucha is ready!

Details about this wine

  • Vintage: non-vintage
  • Country of Origin: Germany
  • Region: Berlin
  • Address: Georg-Knorr-Strasse 4/House 10, 12681 Berlin
Bouche Novin

Made by Felix, Walker & Yannic


Yannic, Felix and Walker are artists. (You can tell by the bottle design!) They are also: Producers of exciting non-alcoholic beverages. It all started with a love for the then-unknown beverage kombucha. Their latest baby is called NOVIN, and it's a natural malt- and tea-based wine alternative.

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