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JUICY 2022

Vinyes Tortuga

Juicy Vinyes Tortuga
  • Color: Rosé, Red
  • Grape variety: Merlot, Grenache Noir


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The tip in the name

How did the two winemakers come up with the name? Maybe it's because of the style of the wine. Or would that be too easy? Nope, we think it's borderline brilliant!

Details about this wine

  • Style: chilled reds, fruity & aromatic, funky & wild
  • Alcohol Content: 12
  • Vintage: 2022
  • Country of origin: Spain
  • Region: Catalonia
  • Address: Carr. Rabos, a, 17780, Girona, Spain
  • Allergens: contains sulfites
vinyes tortuga

Made by Dido & Jurriaan

Vinyes Tortuga

or a few years ago, everything was very different. Jurriaan was the owner of a company for low-impact travel to Southeast Asia, and Dido was on a research trip in Swartland for her master's degree in cultural anthropology. But in fact, their joint master plan was to have their own winery.

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