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Pet Nats

Oh yes, Pet Nat - the Champanger's little brother. Which is in no way inferior to him. Here you'll find the best bubbly wines for festive days and Wednesday evenings on the couch. 100% bubbly power for all occasions. 🍾

Tell me more! 🥂

"Pet Nat" stands for "Pétillant Naturel" aka natural bubbly. And that's exactly what it is: a completely natural version of sparkling wine production. Instead of letting young wine ferment again, the so-called "méthode ancestrale" involves bottling the fermenting juice and finishing the fermentation in the bottle. Bubbles are created due to the sealed bottles. You can read more about the production method of Pet Nat on our blog or here.

Pet Nat

And how does it all taste?

Champagne often develops brioche-like and creamy flavors due to aging on the lees and second fermentation. Pet Nat is usually younger when it enters the glass. As a result, it often tastes fruitier, fresher and more acidic. Did you have a favorite fizzy drink as a kid? Think of the bubbles in Pet Nat as something like this, only better 😉

Have it all 🍾

Here you will find our entire selection of natural wines! And here you can find the orange wines. 🍊 And back to the basics: You want to know what exactly natural wine is? We'll explain it to you here.

Here we list all Pet Nats! Have fun browsing.

All Pet Nats and sparkling wines