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Orange wines

How about a glass of orange wine? Sounds good, doesn't it? Here at 8greenbottles you can buy the very best orange wines online. 🍊🍷 From light and sparkling to strong and intense! We serve the whole range.

Orange wine - What is it anyway?

Here are the hard facts: In natural white wine production, the grapes are pressed directly. With red wine, the whole process is a bit different. The grapes are either crushed (the berries are separated from the stalk) or crushed together with the stalk. The dark color and extra flavor are created by the days or weeks of extraction on the mash.

Orange wine is white wine made like red wine.

We explain everything in even more detail in our blog entry. Feel free to have a look there! Another good introduction can be found here.

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And how does it all taste?

Typically, orange wines taste more earthy, herbal, nutty and usually much more intense than conventional white wines. However, the freshness and crisp character from the white grapes is usually not lost, giving the wines a real freshness kick. The best of both worlds! Best just buy an orange wine online and be convinced!

Powerful and intense: orange wine for the advanced and courageous

Orange wine + food?

Clearly, a really good meal must be accompanied by a suitable wine. But what is the best way to combine orange wines and food? Very often, very aromatic and spicy foods like Indian curry or spicy noodle dishes are an excellent food match for skin fermented white wines. In our blog we suggest recipes with the matching pairing recommendation. Just have a look!

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