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About 8greenbottles

You are looking for natural wines without frills but with a lot of character? Wines with a lot of hard work and even more passion behind them? Then you've come to the right place! 8greenbottles offers the very best natural wines from Germany and Austria. 🍷

Just two crazy kids from Berlin selling amazing wine

Hello, we are Ramona and Philipp.

We like filter coffee, the beautiful Graefekiez in Kreuzberg, our little pug Nellie, early modern philosophy (one of us) and deep-fried pickles (the other one). And of course natural wine.

We founded 8greenbottles in the fall of 2017 - maybe a bit starry-eyed, but definitely the right thing to do. Our goal was and still is small-ish: We don't want a big wine shop. There are so many of those already. We want a small, curated wine shop with wines we enjoy. We want wines that are made by hand. That are free of unnecessary additives. Behind which are real people, who are sympathetic and from whom we want to learn from.

This is 8greenbottles.

Here are the very best natural wines from Germany and Austria. Why the restriction to the two countries? First, because Germany and Austria are very good and (still) underestimated wine regions. And secondly, because we find it particularly nice not to import wines from far away, when such good wines are produced basically on our doorstep.

So we're all about natural wine, sure. But it's also about much more: about the people behind the wines, about parties and events, about biodynamic cultivation and about delicious food.

We hope you like it here. We hope you enjoy browsing - and drinking, of course!


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Our Team

Behind 8greenbottles is a small team of dedicated people who have found their way to natural wine in very different ways and enrich the company. Get to know our team!

About the 8gb Team

8greenbottles Team

Our Wine Shops in Berlin

Yes, you can also visit us in Berlin! Twice: in Prenzlauer Berg and in Kreuzberg. There you'll find our entire wine selection - and the best advice free of charge. 😉

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