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Kleines Gut

Daniel & Frederike

Kleines Gut

All eyes on Daniel & Frederike from Kleines Gut:

🏠 Come from Württemberg, Germany
🍇 Produce very small quantities of complex wine
🍷 All labels are done by hand
💪 Young winery in first generation

Daniel and Frederike have been farming their "Kleines Gut" in Stuttgart since 2020. Their attention is focused entirely on a healthy and strong vineyard. In their work, they fully trust their intuition and gut feeling. Balance is key! The more balance in the vineyard and its ecosystem, the more complex and exciting the wines will be. And that is exactly their goal. The wines are balanced, puristic and free. Thus they perfectly reflect the free spirit of Dani and Frederike. Goal achieved, don't you agree?

kleines gut, wines stamping
kleines gut, wines stomp, red grapes

Württemberg, Germany

Between Heilbronn and Stuttgart and partly as far as Lake Constance, a wonderful world of wine opens up here. The house wine of Württemberg is undoubtedly the Trollinger a.k.a. Schiava a.k.a. Vernatsch. Generally, a lot of red wine is produced here and the light, drinkable Trolli shows what Württemberg is capable of (this can also be seen in the Vin de Soif from Kleines Gut). The vineyards of Württemberg are located along the Neckar and its side valleys, because there the microclimate is quite perfect for viticulture. That paired with the shell limestone soils is an absolute match made in heaven. Prösterle!

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