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daughters of madness natural wine portugal

Joana and Luke

Daughters of Madness

Profile of Daughters of Madness:

💏 Joana and Luke
🏠 Small, sweet winery in Lisboa, Portugal
🍇 Wild wines with lots of spice
💚 The wines are dedicated to the daughters

Joana and Luke have been working in the wine industry for 14 years. In 2019, they fulfilled their biggest dream: a small winery of their own in the most beautiful corner of Portugal. To ensure that the wines convey the pure taste of the fruit and the terroir, the two of them avoid external influences as far as possible. Pure nature! The entire project is dedicated to their daughters, who serve as inspiration. The wines are impetuous, a little unpredictable and definitely unique - just like their daughters!

daughters of madness natural wine portugal
daughters of madness natural wine portugal

Lisboa, Portugal

Welcome to the largest wine-growing region in Portugal! The Lisboa region stretches along the Atlantic coast. The climatic conditions are influenced by the Atlantic Ocean. Mild winters and warm, but not too hot summers are the rule here. This is the ideal climate for Daughters of Madness wines!

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