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Malinga wines christoph heiss

Christoph Heiss

Malinga Wines

All eyes on Christoph from Malinga Wines:

🏠 Comes from Kamptal, Austria
🍇 Makes clean, sophisticated wines
🍷 Uses only the very best grapes
🍾 New label design is a hit!

Malinga Wines was recommended to us by so many of our winemakers that we had to jump right in and try them. And we were not disappointed. The wines are quite wonderfully clean, fresh and elegant. Christoph Heiss, the man behind the label, definitely knows what he is doing. He does without any oenological aids during vinification, and only the best grapes go into the barrel. Current favorite: the "Vogel und Meer"! What a great addition to our small assortment. Welcome to the family, Christoph!

Malinga wines christoph heiss weingarten
Malinga with grapes

Kamptal, Austria

In the Kamptal, worlds meet. The rock varies from loess, gravel, crystalline ingots and sandstone - often in the smallest of spaces. The weather is Pannonian hot from the east during the day, yet with a pleasant coolness from the northwestern Waldviertel at night. Successful large wineries and the very best natural wineries exist side by side here. The Riesling loves the steep terraces, the Grüner Veltliner loves the areas near the Danube with lots of loess and clay. Everyone finds the perfect spot here, just like Nibiru!

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