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Dido & Juriaan of Fruita Analogica

Dido, Jurriaan & friends

Fruita Analògica

Profile of Fruita Analògica:

👫🏼 A project of friends
👩🏻‍🌾 Make great wines in Catalonia, Spain
🍇 Produce in an old cooperative
🌱 Still have a lot of things planned.

"Fruita Analògica" is a project among friends. It all started with the Vinyes Tortuga wines, which were produced in a leased wine cooperative building. But then the lease expired, the owner wanted to sell, and all of a sudden countless ideas popped into Dido and Jurriaan's heads: "We could buy really good grapes from friends, make affordable natural wine, open a restaurant sometime soon, maybe a bar, and ultimately actually rent out a few rooms." Thought, done! From old to new, from cooperative à la 80s to municipal all-purpose building. With the focus always on regionality, ecological cultivation and friendly cooperation.

The old cooperative in which Fruita Analogica is produced
The old cooperative in which Fruita Analogica is produced

Catalonia, Spain

Far from the discussion of becoming a separate state, Catalonia is home to an incredibly diverse (and very independent 😉) wine world. On the Mediterranean coast, the grapes ripen in a warm, Mediterranean climate. In the hills to the north, it is cooler, a fresh wind blows there and the climate is more subalpine. What does this mean for Catalonia's winemakers? An incredible range of wines can be produced here. Heavy red wines meet elegant Cavas and everything in between. Jurriaan and Dido are in the very north of the region, on the French border. The wine region there on the Costa Brava is called "Alt-Empordà". It used to have rather large production facilities of mediocre rosé, but today you'll find a beautiful variety of styles, often cuvée in this little corner in the middle of the Pyrenees. What a beautiful home for the Fruita Analògica wines!

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