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Alanna LaGamba Vin de LaGamba

Alanna LaGamba

Vin de LaGamba

All eyes on Alanna LaGamba:

🏠 Makes wine in Rheinhessen, Germany
🍁 Originally from Canada
🥂 Devoted entirely to bubbly
🚴 Enthusiastic cyclist

Alanna's story goes something like this: As a 25-year-old, Alanna LaGamba moves from her native Canada to Berlin, meets Martin Wörner aka Marto Wines at a wine fair, promises to help him with his next harvest in Rheinhessen, keeps the promise, falls in love with him, falls in love with wine and winemaking, proves to be a super competent winemaker, gets vines for her own wine project, wants to make wonderful German sparkling wines, makes wonderful German sparkling wines. Done.

Alanna LaGamba Vin de LaGamba in the cellar
Alanna LaGamba Vin de LaGamba in the vineyard

Rheinhessen, Germany

Between Rheingau and Nahe is the little jewel called Rheinhessen. Long discredited as the origin of sweet wine sins such as Liebfrauenmilch and Gutes Domtal, a whole new cosmos has opened up in the last decade in this long underrated wine growing region. Right there, innovation and rethinking is on the daily agenda. From Max Dexheimer in Saulheim, Christopher Barth in Alzey, Bianka & Daniel in Flörsheim-Dalsheim, to Marto and Alanna LaGamba in Flonheim: here good wine is made.

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