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Nibiru Wein

Joseph & Julia


All eyes on Josef and Julia from Nibiru:

🏠 Come from Kamptal, Austria
🍇 Make accessible, straightforward wines
🍷 Work with lots of old vines
⭐ Named their winery after the planet "Nibiru"

Nibi Who?

"Nibiru" is the name of the joint project of Julia and Josef, named after the unique planet that moves around the sun in a huge ellipse in the opposite direction to all other planets. The wines of Julia and Josef are a bit against the current, somewhat stubborn but with a clear direction. Honesty is the top priority for the two. And that is exactly why the (partly) very old vineyards in the Kamptal are cultivated organically and the valuable grapes are processed uncompromisingly without interventions on the parental winery of Josef. The unusual planet Nibiru has been part of our solar system since 2010 - and we are pleased that the special wines of Nibiru have been part of the microcosm of 8greenbottles since 2020!

Nibiru in the vineyard
Nibiru vineyard

Kamptal, Austria

In the Kamptal, worlds meet. The rock varies from loess, gravel, crystalline ingots and sandstone - often in the smallest of spaces. The weather is Pannonian hot from the east during the day, yet with a pleasant coolness from the northwestern Waldviertel at night. Successful large wineries and the very best natural wineries exist side by side here. The Riesling loves the steep terraces, the Grüner Veltliner loves the areas near the Danube with lots of loess and clay. Everyone finds the perfect spot here, just like Nibiru!

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