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Mira Wolf in the wine cellar

Mira Wolf

Weingut Isegrim

All eyes on Mira Wolf from Weingut Isegrim:

🏠 Comes from the Palatinate, Germany
🍇 Makes elegant, clean wines
🐞 Describes herself as an original eco-kid ("Urökokind")
🚴♀️ Rides a cargo bike through the vineyards

Arrived at Home

She describes herself as an eco-kid (Urökokind), always has a sparkle in her eyes and a big smile on her face when she talks about her work: Mira Wolf grew up at Weingut Isegrim, which has been farmed organically for generations, and after numerous stops in various regions in Germany, Austria and France, she has arrived back in her native Palatinate. She now bottles her love of nature and her vineyards. The enthusiasm also shines through to us!


Photos by Sophia Schillik

Mira Wolf Isegrim
Mira Wolf with dog in vineyard

Pfalz, Germany

The Palatinate is both the German equivalent and northern extension of Alsace. To the north of the Vosges Mountains, the Haardt mountain range forms the hills in the landscape. As the driest and sunniest region in Germany, the wines can ripen for a long time without rain. In the south, the hours of sunshine are almost innumerable, and in addition to wine, lemons, almonds, figs and nuts grow here. Riesling is at home here and Mira shows it with its full minerality and the beautiful complexity of the region. Palatinate is the right choice all the time!

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