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8 Summer wines, natural wines

8 Summer wines

Wine is as much a part of summer as strawberry ice cream and a bathing suit. We present 8 natural wines that must find a place in your fridge this summer. White, rosé, orange and red - it's all here!

Natural Wines with Summer Vibes

Are you more likely to be chilled out at the lake in summer, in the mountains with friends, or on your balcony? Regardless of your go-to pastime in the warmer months, it's a good bottle of wine that makes it really relaxing. Don't you think? Today we present you our favorite companions on hot days, balmy nights and summer parties by the pool!

1. RAW from Eschenhof-Holzer

Sometimes a whole bottle of wine is too much and all we want is a little refreshment, preferably with fizz. That's where the small RAW from Eschenhof-Holzer fits perfectly! Also super as an aperitif, picnic accompaniment or alone with a good book on the terrace.

2. Pitt Nat Rosé from Pittnauer

Ice-cold, pink fizz makes even the most stressful days seem lighter. Almost like rose-colored glasses through which you see the world. The Pet Nat Rosé from the Pittnauer gives us this very special effect!

3. Müller-Thurgau from Bianka & Daniel Schmitt

How about an easy-drinking white wine that's just bursting with peaches, nectarines and oranges? Then it's best to go straight for the Müller-Thurgau from Bianka & Daniel!

4. Pur Jus from Max sein Wein

Sometimes you just want an intense orange wine. But to withstand the warmer temperatures, you need additional fruit, aroma and freshness. Max 's Pur Jus has it all. The name says it all.

5. Rosa Pünktchen from Glücksjäger

A rosé made from Cabernet Sauvignon, which tastes of wild berries, but also of peppers. Ideal combination for warm summer days! And due to the full body, this Glücksjäger wine should also please rosé skeptics.

6. R&B from Pittnauer

White or red, you can't decide? You don't have to! The R&B from Pittnauer contains both: white and red grapes! And they harmonize perfectly! Light, easy and fresh!


GLOW GLOW had to be on this list, of course! And the red one fits especially well. Here cranberry and blackberry meet sour cola gummy bears. Enjoy chilled!

8. Pinot Noir from Max Dexheimer

Delicate, elegant and structured, with a neat minerality - this is the Pinot from Dexheimer. It goes particularly well with barbecues. Just give it a try!

So, and now the summer can start!

You need more choice? You got it! Here you can find all our wines. Feel free to browse.

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