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Max sein Wein Natural Wines

Max Baumann

Max sein Wein

All eyes on Max:

🏠 Comes from Baden, Germany
🍇 Knows how to handle the local grape varieties
🇫🇷 Gets inspired by French wines
🎿 Swaps the vines for the ski slopes every now and then

New Kid on the Block

Max Baumann aka Max sein Wein is the new kid on the German natural wine scene. A winemaker friend brought his first vintage to our attention. And immediately it was clear: We want to list Max 's wines. And all of them! Even as a young boy, Max helped his winemaker dad in the vineyards and in the cellar. But in his wine you can also find influences from various wineries in Germany, Austria and New Zealand in which he worked. What he has learned: Good wine is low-tech. His own natural wines are probably the best proof of this. Best example: the Blanc!

Max sein Wein Grapes
Max sein Wein Vineyard

Baden, Germany

Baden is the southernmost wine-growing region in Germany. Ergo: It can get quite warm here. That's why there's a lot of red wine here. It borders Switzerland in the south, France in the east (hello Alsace) and then it goes up to Mannheim and over to Stuttgart. Max sein Wein is in the very north of Baden, on the border with the Franconian winegrowing region. There you will find very varied soil conditions and a variety of different grape varieties. Riesling is not so important, but Silvaner (check out Les Autochtones) and many Pinots!

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