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Der GlücksJäger Wein

Andreas & Cathrin

Der GlücksJäger

All eyes on Andreas and Cathrin from Der GlücksJäger:

🏠 Come from the Palatinate, Germany
🍇 Like to play with barriques in the cellar
🐶 Dedicate their wines to Pebbles, their Dalmatian
🍶 Also make some incredible vinegar!

In the footsteps of happiness

Wine and a dog. That's all it really takes for a happy life. Andreas and Cathrin probably see it the same way we do. The two fortune hunters run a small winery in the Palatinate. And we were immediately impressed by their wines. Because they have character and depth. And because they are produced the way we like it: that's by hand, spontaneously fermented and unfiltered. Of course, we also like the pretty label with the Dalmatian. That's Pebbles. And he's helping out in the vineyard. Really cute. Also cute (and just plain tasty) is their Glücksbrause!

Glücksjäger Wein Pebbles the dog
Glücksjäger Wein  natural wine

Pfalz, Germany

The Palatinate is both the German equivalent and northern extension of Alsace. To the north of the Vosges Mountains, the Haardt mountain range forms the hills in the landscape. As the driest and sunniest region in Germany, the wines can ripen for a long time without rain. In the south, the hours of sunshine are almost innumerable, and in addition to wine, lemons, almonds, figs and nuts grow here. There are incredibly rich Rieslings everywhere in the Palatinate, but also all the colors of Pinot should not be underestimated here! The best prerequisites for Glücksjäger!

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