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Gut Oggau Wine

Stephanie & Eduard

Gut Oggau

All eyes on Stephanie & Eduard from Gut Oggau:

🏠 Come from Burgenland, Austria
🍇 Make quite wonderful vibrant wines
👨👩👧👦 Have a whole pedigree of wines
🍴 Cook the best Heurigen food at their estate

Crazy family ties

Old, abandoned 17th century winery meets determined couple in love with nature. That's how the story of Stephanie, Eduard and their wines begins. In 2007, the couple painstakingly transformed the run down buildings of the estate on Lake Neusiedl into a beautiful winery. Farming and winemaking at the now Demeter-certified Gut Oggau has been biodynamic from the start. We find Stephanie's and Eduard's attitude to their wines particularly cool: they see them as a big family whose members share certain traits and characteristics, but are still individuals in their own right. Check out Atanasius and Winifred.

Gut Oggau with horse
Gut Oggau Vineyard

Leithaberg, Austria

Not far from Vienna, a fabulously diverse world unfolds in the east of Austria. From the steppe lakes, to the endless expansion of the Pannonian Plain, to the colorful vineyards spread across Burgenland. In northern Burgenland, everything revolves around Lake Neusiedl. The huge lake has a strong influence on the climate and the vineyards that are located all around. Gut Oggau is located to the east of Lake Neusiedl, in the village of the same name, Oggau. The area likes to present itself with a breeze of minerality. What a dreamlike terroir!

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