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Philip Lardot

Philip Lardot

Weinbau Philip Lardot

All eyes on Philip:

🏠 Comes from the Mosel, Germany
❤ His heart beats for Riesling
🍾 Likes green bottles
✂ Tiny production

We cheered when we actually got a few bottles from Philip Lardot. Philip has only been making wine for a short time and only very little of it. But that's what makes it so special. His two great loves are the Mosel and Riesling. Both are reflected in the wine. Philip's Riesling, however, is not a typical Mosel Riesling. Instead, it's a bit creamy, spicy, and of course 100% natural wine. Like this one! We think: pretty much really awesome. We are excited about everything that is still to come.

Philip Lardot in the vineyard
Place at the Mosel, Philip Lardot

Mosel, Germany

Everyone knows Mosel. Those incredibly steep vineyards that slope towards the meandering river in the valley. The almost sacred Riesling, which feels so incredibly at home here and develops quite wonderfully. From the Vosges to Koblenz, everything along the Mosel revolves around viticulture. From the Saar to the Middle Mosel to the Terrace Mosel, Riesling is the most important grape variety everywhere, even though it can ripen and develop very differently depending on where it takes root. The traditional, large wineries still set the tone here, but it is wonderful to observe how a young generation is involved with Mosel- natural wines - just like Philip Lardot!

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