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Michael Wenzel Wines

Michael Wenzel

Weinbau Michael Wenzel

All eyes on Michael Wenzel:

🏠 Comes from Burgenland, Austria
🍇 Always brings the perfect amount of minerality
👑 Also known as the "King of Furmint"
📷 Shows the beauty of Rust on his labels

Furmint Love Story

Michael's great love is the Furmint. And rightly so: Furmint wines are fruity, floral and a bit nutty. When the grape variety was threatened by extinction in the 20th century, Michael's dad Robert transported Hungarian Furmint vines across the border to reintegrate the grape into the local wine culture. And lo and behold, Furmint feels right at home in Austria. Michael's wines are the best example of that. Organic farming, hand harvesting and minimalism in the cellar are particularly good for the grape. You can taste it.

Michael Wenzel Wines in the cellar
Michael Wenzel wines grapes

Leithaberg, Austria

Not far from Vienna, a fabulously diverse world unfolds in the east of Austria. From the steppe lakes, to the endless expansion of the Pannonian Plain, to the colorful vineyards spread across Burgenland. In northern Burgenland, everything revolves around Lake Neusiedl. The huge lake has a strong influence on the climate and the vineyards that are located all around. Michael Wenzel's winery is located to the east of Lake Neusiedl, in Rust am Leithagebirge. The area likes to show itself with a breeze of minerality. What a dreamlike terroir!

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