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Weingut zum Pranger

Anna Gerland & Zana Berger

Weingut zum Pranger

All eyes on Anna & Zana from Weingut zum Pranger:

🏠 Come from Vienna, Austria
🍇 Queen & King of Gemischter Satz!
🍷 The smileys on the bottles are painted by hand
😻 Love responsible farming and baby cats

Smileys from the hand

Anna and Zana have a vision: to make uncomplicated yet exciting wine. And they complement each other perfectly. Anna went to oenology school and knows how to make good wine. Zana's career as a chef has given him a knack for good taste. The combination could not be better. Since 2020, they have been running a small winery near Vienna. Oh yeah, and the two don't lack patience either! The smileys on the bottles are all hand-painted. We love the smiling faces! Look here for example!

Weingut zum Pranger, Anna
Weingut zum Pranger, Zana

Vienna, Austria

As the only city with over a million inhabitants where wine is grown on a large scale, Vienna is really special. So if you take a leisurely stroll through the 19th district on the outskirts of the city on a Sunday, you'll soon end up in the beautiful vineyards of Weingut zum Pranger. Whether Nussdorf, Grinzing or Sievering, the beautiful vineyards can be admired everywhere there. Vienna is especially famous for its Gemischter Satz (a.k.a. field blend). For this, many different grape varieties grow next to each other and then get vinified into a fresh combination of pure Austrian wine culture. Heast (that's Viennese btw.), it tastes good!

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