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Daniel & Jonas Brand

Brand Bros

All eyes on the Brand Bros:

👯 Consist of Jonas & Daniel
🏠 Come from the Pfalz, Germany
🍇 100% without added sulfites
🎨 Labels are drawn by grandma

Wine brothers

We think the Brand Bros are great. Because the two of them have an impressive concept. Because they are super nice. And because their wine tastes fantastic. Daniel and Jonas are the fifth generation of the Brand family to run the winery and have dedicated themselves entirely to natural wine. For them, that means pure nature in the vineyard and in the cellar. The vines are strengthened with herbal extracts and teas. They do not use fining, unnecessary sulfur or filtration. What remains is wine in its original form. Also beautiful: the labels drawn by their grandmother. Look here, for example!

Photos by Andreas Durst

Brand Bros natural wine
Brand Bros, Weingarten

Pfalz, Germany

The Pfalz is both German equivalent and northern extension of Alsace. To the north of the Vosges Mountains, the Haardt mountain range forms the hills that run through the landscape here. As the driest and sunniest region in Germany, the wines can ripen for a long time without rain. Bockenheim an der Weinstraße, where Daniel and Jonas live, is often referred to as the "gateway to the Pfalz" because it is at the northern border of the Pfalz and lies just south of Rheinhessen. As everywhere in the Pfalz, incredible Rieslings are made here, but also all the colors of the Pinot should not be underestimated here!

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