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Rennersistas Wines Stefanie Georg Renner

Stefanie & Georg Renner


All eyes on the rennersistas:

👯 Consist of Stefanie & Georg (sistas)
🏠 Live near Neusiedlersee, Austria
🍇 Make wines as colorful as their labels
🐔 Love their chicken in the vineyard

Run for rennersistas

Stefanie and brother Georg aka the rennersistas embody the new wine scene: The siblings are open and unconventional, but at the same time they rely on time-tested craftsmanship and see themselves committed to their region of origin. They are the third generation to run the winery and follow a clear line: biodynamic cultivation, minimalist vinification, wines full of character. Their natural wines have a character of their own: elegant, typical of the region and wonderfully drinkable! We especially love the "Waiting for Tom" line (partly dedicated to Tom Lubbe and Shobbrook, partly to Tom Selleck). Try the Waiting for Tom red; that's our favorite at the moment! In short, run and grab them!


Photos by Ingo Pertramer

rennersistas georg stefanie renner with wine boxes
Rennersistas Wines Stefanie Georg Renner Vineyard

Lake Neusiedl, Austria

Not far from Vienna, a fabulously diverse world unfolds in the east of Austria. From the lakes, to the endless expansion of the Pannonian Plain, to the colorful vineyards spread across Burgenland. In the northeast lies the wine-growing region of Neusiedlersee. Yup, the name says it all. The huge lake has an incredible influence on the climate in the region, it can get quite hot! The landscape here is mostly just a bit hilly and on nice days you can see as far as Hungary. You have a beautiful home, rennersistas!

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