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in a hell mood
  • Color: Rosé
  • Grape variety: St. Laurent
  • Logo DemeterDemeter


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"Aren't we all a little Helmuth?"

... the rennersistas want to know. Yup, we are - especially with a glass of this Petnat in hand. It's creamy, yeasty, fruity and, above all, beautifully bright. Maybe also a little crazy and a little glamorous.

Details about this wine

  • Style: fruity & aromatic, light & fresh
  • Alcohol content: 9,5
  • Vintage: 2022
  • Country of Origin: Austria
  • Region: Burgenland
  • Address: Obere Hauptstraße 97, 7122 Gols, Austria
  • Allergens: contains sulfites
Rennersistas Wines Stefanie Georg Renner

Made by Stefanie & Georg Renner


Stefanie and brother Georg aka the rennersistas embody for us the new wine scene: The siblings are future-oriented, open and unconventional, at the same time they rely on time-tested craftsmanship and see themselves committed to their region of origin. They run the winery in the third generation and follow a clear line: biodynamics, minimalism and character!

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