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Weingut Weninger, Franz Weninger, Petra Weninger

Franz Weninger

Weingut Weninger

All eyes on Franz Weninger:

🏠 Comes from Burgenland, Austria
🍇 Part of the vineyards are in Hungary
🍷 Makes elegant, exciting wines
✂ Motto: Rage Against the Machine

It is impossible to imagine the international natural wine scene without him: the always busy Austrian Franz Weninger. His pioneering spirit once almost cost him his livelihood after he - ahead of his time as so often - expanded his parents' farm in Burgenland to include a few beautiful vineyards on the Hungarian side of Lake Neusiedl. The aim was to expand his biodynamically farmed vineyards to the land, which is so close to home with a history so intertwined with that of his own family. Fortunately, all went well after all and today we can look forward to excellent wines like the gluggable Ponzichter and always new experiments!

Chickens on the winery
Franz and Petra Weninger

Mittelburgenland, Austria

On the southern shore of Lake Neusiedl lies Sopron, a small Hungarian town, before you reach the Mittelburgenland. This region is an absolute paradise for the King-of-Austrian-reds grape variety a.k.a. Blaufränkisch. On the rich clay soils with huge water reservoirs, the Blaufränkisch feels super comfortable even on the hot, dry summer days and doesn't complain a bit. To the left is the Bucklige Welt, to the north and south lie smaller mountain ranges, and from the east comes the hot wind from the Pannonian Plain. Franz Weninger knows how to appreciate the region and makes the best wines from it!

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