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8 Pet Nats Natural Wines 8greenbottles

8 Pet Nats for Every Taste and Occasion

A kind of wine that always fits - whether with pizza, brunch or wedding reception? That's right, the Pet Nat! A natural bubbly that simply puts you in a good mood. White, rosé or even red: here we show you 8 Pet Nats that should always have a place in your fridge.

Pet Nat O'Clock

Or also: 8x Happiness in Bubble Format

What exactly is a Pet Nat - and how it differs from Champagne - we've explained here. But now it's time to try Pet Nats!

1. Pitt Nat Blanc from Weingut Pittnauer

A companion for park meet-ups and balmy balcony evenings. Welcome, Pitt Nat from Pittnauer! Citrus, cookie and guava - this one has everything you need.

2. Pinot Sekt from Bianka & Daniel Schmitt

Would you like something classic? Say no more! Bianka and Daniel's sparkling wine is wonderfully fine and bubbly. It tastes subtly of red apple, lemon sorbet and white pepper.

3. In A Hell Mood from the rennersistas

The rennersistas have named their Pet Nat "Hell Mood" after their dad Helmuth. But the two can do more than just good puns: the Pet Nat is wild, a bit funky and bursting with lime, pomegranate and apricot.

4. Pet Nat Bambule M from Judith Beck

Looking for a Pet Nat that goes well with brunch? Then you have found it here! The Pet Nat M by Judith Beck is floral, aromatic and quite wonderfully seductive. Try it!

5. Glücksbrause from Glücksjäger

This Glücksjäger Pet Nat with the cute pug label just makes you happy. Strawberry, rhubarb and cream soda. And all with 100% Pinot Noir grapes. Big rec!

6. Pet Nat Rosé from Piri Naturel

Pet Nat does not go with rainy weather and cold temperatures? Oh yes it does! This one from Piri tastes of cherries and chocolate. Its longer mash contact makes it wonderfully dark and intense.

7. Ordinaire from Claus Preisinger

No question, Claus Preisinger had to be on this list! The Ordinaire is an elegant Pet Nat with a beautiful perlage and an even more beautiful color. Inspires even parents and in-laws, I promise!

8. Bubbles from Michael Gindl

German Lambrusco, 100% dry! The Bubbles from Michael Gindl is THE pizza wine! Tastes like sour cherries, cola gummy bears and red licorice.

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