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Max in vineyard with child

Harvest Sum Up - Insights into the 2022 harvest from our winegrowers

The winegrowers have already harvested all of the grapes for this vintage. And while the young wines are resting in the cellar, I asked the winemakers how the harvest was for them. Fancy some insights?

Baden, Carnuntum, Southern Styria.

Max sein Wein, Michaela Riedmüller, Ewald Tscheppe (Werlitsch).

We asked the three winemakers about the 2022 wine harvest. How did it go? What were the highlights? What are they particularly looking forward to?

Harvesting the grapes is the annual highlight of a grower. Finally, you can harvest the literal fruits of your hard work and turn them into what we all love to drink. And that's really good wine! 🍷

Ewald, how was it in southern Styria?

Ewald and the Werlitsch Harvest

8gb: How did this year's grape picking go for you?

Ewald: "We are super happy with the conclusion of this demanding year. The yields are a bit smaller, but the quality is all the more beautiful."

8gb: What was especially beautiful about the harvest this year?

Ewald: "We had a super harvest team and a lot of fun. From the grapes, I found Ex Vero III and the Freude really great. They were  harvested at the very end this year and that was really a pleasure (the harvest was very short and compressed because of the weather)."

Werlitsch vineyard

Michaela Riedmüller, tell us how it was for you!

8gb: How long does it take to harvest all the grapes?

Michaela: "This year's took longer than the years before. We started on September 8th and ended on October 7th. Due to the rain breaks in September, we had to stop harvesting more often or could not get out into the vineyard at all. That was a real challenge. After the extremely dry summer, nobody expected so much rain in September. But nature was certainly happy about it!"


Patience is a virtue, right?

8gb: Which wine from the 2022 harvest are you particularly looking forward to? 

Michaela: "Definitely Concrete 2022. Very different from 2021, the 2022 vintage is much leaner but has a really great acidity that promises longevity and good aging potential. It dances on the tongue."

8gb: I'm already looking forward to it, but before we can try it, it has to age in the concrete barrels 😉 #concrete.

Welschriesling Riedmüller

Hey Max, did you get through the harvest weeks okay?

8gb: Do you have a highlight from the 2022 harvest?

Max: "The highlight this year was the great atmosphere in the harvesting team, who not too seldom said "sou schöane Träuwel hort's no gawe" (roughly translated: "we've never had such beautiful grapes before"). After all, some of them have 25-40 years of harvesting experience. That is already great praise for the usually wordless helpers!"

The juice is good

8gb: Most of the 2022 wines are already in the cellar. Is there a wine among the new arrivals that you are particularly looking forward to?

Max: "The Silvaner barrels show huge potential across the board. And at the moment, the Pur Jus and the Rosé barrels are really good to taste."

8gb: That lets us hope for great things. I'm already excited to see how they still develop!

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