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michaela riedmüller wein

Michaela Riedmüller

Michaela Riedmüller Weine

All eyes on Michaela Riedmüller:

🏠 Comes from Carnuntum, Austria
🍇 Always very "down to earth"
🍊 Has a special fondness for orange wines
💐 Enjoys rare feather carnations in the vineyards

As the winemaker so the wines

Down to Earth - this is how Michaela Riedmüller describes her natural wines. By this, the Austrian means: natural, fresh and a bit different. All characteristics that apply just as much to the winemaker herself! Michaela's focus is on mash-fermented white wines aka orange wines. These are fermented spontaneously and bottled unfiltered. Especially exciting: the Concrete! Also exciting is the wine-growing region that has only been declared independent since 1993: Carnuntum. This extends east of Vienna to the Slovakian border. The climate and terroir within the area are ideal for Michaela's favorite varieties. You can taste that, I promise!

michaela riedmüller wine in the vineyard
michaela riedmüller wine vineyards

Carnuntum, Austria

As soon as you reach the eastern city limits of Vienna, the beautiful Carnuntum region stretches all the way to Slovakia. Christina and her wines feel right at home there! The name of the region comes from the times when the Romans inhabited their ancient legionary camp and the civil town of Carnuntum. But make no mistake, there's a lot more than ancient excavations! Between the Danube to the north, Lake Neusiedl to the southeast and the rolling hills that wind through the wine region, the vines feel incredibly homely. Hot and dry in summer, ice cold in winter: this is the dream of all winegrowers!

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