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Martin Otto Wörner

Marto Wines

All eyes on Marto:

🏠 Comes from Rheinhessen, Germany
🍇 Makes 'al dente' wines
🍷 Sandstone fanboy
🥤 His goal: wines that are light and don't make you tired

When the wait is worth it

We got to know Martin's wines at our first natural wine fair. And we knew straight away: we always want to drink Marto Wines. And sell them. Unfortunately, we had to be patient: The vintage was already sold out. We then pounced on the next one. And we think: wow! Exciting, light and drinkable! Martin has gained experience at the Matassa natural wineries and Gut Oggau and is now also focusing on natural wine himself. He and his girlfriend Alanna LaGamba cultivate three hectares of vineyards together in Flonheim. And we firmly hope that there will soon be more.

marto wines in the vineyard
marto wines in the cellar

Rheinhessen, Germany

Between Rheingau and Nahe is the little jewel called Rheinhessen. Long discredited as the origin of sweet wine sins such as Liebfrauenmilch and Gutes Domtal, a whole new cosmos has opened up in the last decade in this long underrated wine growing region. Right there, innovation and rethinking is on the daily agenda. Whether it's Max Dexheimer in Saulheim, Christopher Barth in Alzey, Bianka & Daniel in Flörsheim-Dalsheim or Alanna and Marto in Flonheim, wine can be made well here.

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