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Bouche Novin

Felix, Walker & Yannic


All eyes on Felix, Walker & Yannic from Bouche:

🏠 Come from Berlin, Germany
🍵 Make non-alcoholic wine alternatives
🎨 Are all artists
🍷 Also like to drink wine from time to time

Yannic, Felix and Walker are artists. (You can tell by the bottle design!) BUT they are also producers of exciting non-alcoholic beverages. It all started with a love for the then unknown drink kombucha. In their small brewery in Berlin Marzahn, they have been brewing kombuchas entirely without industrial concentrates for several years - using their own starter cultures and innovative brewing techniques. Bouche's latest baby is innovative on a whole new level: NOVIN. NOVIN is a natural wine alternative. The malt and tea-based beverage is complex, aromatic and the best pairing buddy! Try the NOVIN Ruby!

Bouche Novin barrels
Bouche Novin bottle

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