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Séléné natural wines 8greenbottles

Mathilde & Sylvere


All eyes on Séléné:

👫🏼 Mathilde & Sylvère's heart project
🍷 Masters of Beaujolais Nouveau!
🍇 100% organic since 1998
✂ Working with 80-year-old vines

One of our favorite grapes is Gamay, especially in the form of the wonderfully light and drinkable Beaujolais Nouveau. And we have known for a long time that this is why we want Séléné on board. Mathilde and Sylvère are masters of Beaujolais Nouveau, and not just according to us. But convincing them was not that easy. Their small Séléné vineyard covers just 4 hectares and the number of bottles is correspondingly limited. But several months, emails and conversations later, the time had finally come: we were allowed to sell the Séléné wines. This is a wish come true for us. And maybe also for you?

Séléné natural wines 8greenbottles
Séléné natural wines 8greenbottles

Beaujolais, France

Beaujolais - the home of the "Vin Nouveau". Vins Nouveaux (or "Vins de Primeur") are the first wines to come onto the market in the year of their production. These wines are typically fresh, juicy, uncomplicated and light - just like the Beaujolais Nouveau from Mathilde and Sylvère from Séléné! Beaujolais Nouveau is produced exclusively from the Gamay grape variety. The so-called "Beaujolais Nouveau Day" takes place on the 3rd Thursday in November: On this day, the sale of this early wine begins, and this is celebrated for five days not only in Beaujolais, but also in bars and restaurants around the world. Geographically speaking, Beaujolais belongs to Burgundy. However, as the wines differ greatly in taste and production from the wines of Burgundy, Beaujolais is a wine region in its own right.

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