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2naturkinder natural wines

Melanie & Michael


All eyes on Melanie & Michael from 2Naturkinder:

🏠 Come from Franconia, Germany
🍇 Combine funk and finesse
🦇 Provide shelter for bats
🐑 Love sheep

Falling for nature

Michael and Melanie found their way to wine in a roundabout way: Both devoted several years to academics before taking over the traditional winery of Michael's family in 2013. They tasted their first natural wine in London - and it was love at first sip. They knew immediately: We only want to make wines like this. Wines without sulfur, without filtration, without additives. But with a lot of energy and liveliness. The couple leaves the wine production to a large extent to nature: nothing is added and nothing is taken away. Wine from two "nature kids" so to speak. Our favorite: The Fledermaus!

2Naturkinder Michael Völker with sheep
2Naturkinder Vineyard

Franconia, Germany

Franconia is certainly not the most classic wine-growing region in Germany. Instead of Riesling, Silvaner is at the top here. And sweet wines have never actually been quite as important here as elsewhere in Germany. For a long time, the area was relatively cool and the proper ripeness of the grapes was not always guaranteed either. That has (unfortunately) changed with the climate crisis. Now it can also get quite hot in the vineyards with exciting shell limestone soils and the grapes are a lot riper and rounder as a result. There's no need to think that Bavaria can only do beer. The region tends to be underestimated. But the wines that grow along the Main River are more than first class. What do you mean you haven't tried 2Naturkinder?

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