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Andi Weigand, Weingut Weigand

Andi Weigand

Weingut Weigand

All eyes on Andi Weigand:

🏠 Comes from Franken, Germany
🍇 Makes down-to-earth and exceptional wines
⏱️ Loves his old vineyards
✂ Is very picky about the grapes

Natural Franconia

What Andi Weigand does, he does consistently. For his wine, this means: 100 percent organic, 100 percent hand-picked, 100 percent spontaneous fermentation. The charismatic young winemaker from Franken runs the Naturland-certified Weigand winery with much love, dedication and his own style. Particularly important to him is the proper handling of the vines, the preservation of biodiversity in the vineyard and an absolutely minimalist cultivation method. Andi grows mainly regional varieties in his vineyards such as Silvaner and Müller-Thurgau. The result: the best natural wines (with the best graphic design)! We especially recommend his basic natural wine-blend "White".

Andi Weigand, Winery Weigand in the vineyard
Andi Weigand, Winery Weigand Vines

Franconia, Germany

Franconia is not quite the classic wine-growing region of Germany. Instead of Riesling, Silvaner is at its peak here. Also, sweet wines have never actually been quite as important here as elsewhere in Germany. For a long time, the area was relatively cool, and the proper ripeness of the grapes was not always guaranteed either. The climate crisis has (unfortunately) changed that. Now it can get quite hot in the vineyards with exciting shell limestone soils, and the grapes are a lot riper and rounder as a result. There's no need to think that Bavaria can only do beer! The region tends to be underestimated, and the wines that grow along the Main River are more than first class. You have to try some Andi Weigand stuff!


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