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Christina Netzl

Christina Netzl

Christina Wines

All eyes on Christina:

🏠 Comes from Carnuntum, Austria
🍇 Makes light wines in glou glou style
🍷 Wanted to be a winemaker since she was a child
🐞 Her labels are a declaration of love to the little wine helpers

It's in her blood!

Christina already knew at the age of five: When she grows up, she's going to be a winemaker. And that's exactly what happened! She grew up on a farm among grain, pigs and grapevines and helped her dad in the wine cellar as a child. Today Christina is in charge! Since 2013, she has been fully committed to organic farming at home. She calls her natural wines "Christina Wines", there is a lot of heart and soul, but also regionality and life in them! We are also fond of the cute labels full of little helpers! You can see them especially well on her Orange.

Christina Netzl, Weingut
Christina Netzl, natural wine

Carnuntum, Austria

As soon as you reach the eastern city limits of Vienna, the beautiful Carnuntum region stretches all the way to Slovakia. Christina and her wines feel right at home there! The name of the region comes from the times when the Romans inhabited their ancient legionary camp and the civil town of Carnuntum. But make no mistake, there's a lot more than ancient excavations! Between the Danube to the north, Lake Neusiedl to the southeast and the rolling hills that wind through the wine region, the vines feel incredibly homely. Hot and dry in summer, ice cold in winter: this is the dream of all winegrowers!

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