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michael gindl mg vom sol wines

Michael Gindl

mg vom sol

All eyes on Michael Gindl:

🏠 Comes from the Weinviertel, Austria
🍇 Brings absolute life to his wines
🐴 Farms his vineyards with horses
🐮 Likes to cuddle highland cattle

Wines with So(u)l

Michael Gindl's attachment to nature almost borders on fanaticism. We think that's a good thing. He regards the Demeter-certified winery mg vom sol as a living organism that regulates itself in the sense of a cycle. Thus, the vineyards are cultivated with the help of horses and miniature sheep, and the wood for the wine barrels comes from the estate's own forest. Michael's wines are the natural consequence of this biodynamic approach: stubborn and natural. We are also smitten by the pretty wine labels, which are often dedicated to his favorite animals. Just like the Buteo!

michael gindl mg vom sol wines highland cattle
michael gindl mg vom sol wines in the vineyard

Weinviertel, Austria

To describe the Weinviertel in a short passage is almost an impossibility. The wine region is huge, and just as diverse is the climate, the soils and the grape varieties that feel at home in the different localities. At Michael Gindl's estate, in the northeastern corner of Austria, it's really hot in the summer and rain is a rare thing, but the soils know how to handle it. Where once the primeval sea did its mischief, now only oyster reefs, mussels and limestone remain. The rain from winter and spring is stored very deep and delivered drop by drop to the vines.

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