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Piri Naturel

Christine Pieroth

Piri Naturel

All eyes on Piri:

🏠 Comes from the Nahe, Germany
🍇 Makes complex, layered wines
🍷 Family winery exists since 1781
🐝 Loves bees

Yes Yes to Piri Piri

The Nahe has a lot to offer. The best example: Christine Pieroth aka PIRI! There was a lot of buzz around Piri even before the bottling of her first vintage. We too were instantly in love after the first sip. So much depth! So much individuality! Piri sees wine as a natural product: she respects natural conditions and blends with them. The wines ferment with natural yeasts from the vineyards. This results in long-lived wines that, as she says, "tell their own story about each vintage." We like to listen. Especially when it comes to Riesling.

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Piri vineyard

Nahe, Germany

The dreamlike little place on earth called "Nahe" is strategically located quite cleverly. On the left the Mosel, on the right Rheinhessen and on the top right the Rheingau. What you can expect from this? The best of all the German wine growing regions of course! The soils in the Nahe are incredibly diverse, the vineyards range from flatlands to steep slopes like those found at Mosel , and in the east of the area the Nahe River meanders parallel to Mosel, until it joins the Rhine in the north. Piri's colorful vineyards are in the very north of the wine-growing region, in Burglayen. Due to the geographical location and the higher altitude of the vineyards, the grapes there take a little longer to ripen. At the Pieroth farm, the harvest season usually begins in October.

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