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Wildtyp Natural wine

Boris Kovacic

Project: Wildtyp

Profile of Wildtyp:

🏠 Comes from Burgenland, Austria
👨‍🔬 Worked in stem cell research until recently
🍊 Specializes in orange wines
🍇 All wines are completely unadulterated

... or: when a hobby becomes a profession. After 18 years, Boris Kovacic aka Wildtyp decided to make a 180-degree turn. He left stem cell research behind and turned his passion, winemaking, into a profession. It wasn't easy, but it was definitely worth it. His (orange) wine project "Wildtyp" is not only wild (in the best sense of the word), but above all impressive. His focus is on the grapes, because they can do a lot. Sweetening, deacidifying, adding tannins, industrial yeast - good grapes don't need any of that. Orange wine for everyone, yay!

Wildtyp Natural wine
Wildtyp Natural wine

Leithaberg, Austria

Not far from Vienna, a fabulously diverse world unfolds in the east of Austria. From the steppe lakes to the endless expanses of the Pannonian Plain and the colorful vineyards that spread across Burgenland. In northern Burgenland, everything revolves around Lake Neusiedl. The huge steppe lake has a strong influence on the climate and the vineyards that surround it. St. Margareten, the home of the project: Wildtyp is located to the east of Lake Neusiedl. The area likes to show itself with a breeze of minerality. What a fantastic terroir!

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