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Bianka and Daniel Schmitt Natural Wine

Bianka & Daniel Schmitt

Bianka & Daniel Schmitt

Bianka & Daniel's profile:

🏠 From Rheinhessen, Germany
🎨 Bianka paints the labels herself
👫🏻 Duo power since 2012
🌱 Demeter-certified from the start

Fermented grape juice

There is hardly a natural wine fan who does not know the Schmitt wines with the iconic blue labels. The couple from Rheinhessen are now among the most prominent natural wine producers in the world. It all started quite simply: almost 12 years ago, Bianka and Daniel fell in love with each other - and with natural wine together. Bianka painted a label that was intended for 500 bottles of a joint wine project. A good decade later, this label adorns over 100,000 bottles every year. And we understand the hype: the Demeter-certified wines taste incomparably pure, elegant and fresh. See for yourself!

Bianka and Daniel Schmitt in the vineyard
Bianka and Daniel Schmitt Demeter

Rheinhessen, Germany

Between Rheingau and Nahe is the little jewel called Rheinhessen. Long discredited as the origin of sweet wine sins like Liebfraumilch and Gutes Domtal, a whole new cosmos has opened up in the last decade in this long underrated winegrowing region. Right there, innovation and rethinking is on the daily agenda. Whether Marto and Alanna in Flonheim, Max Dexheimer in Saulheim, Christopher Barth in Alzey or Bianka & Daniel Schmitt in Flörsheim-Dalsheim. The Rheinhessen wines speak for themselves, that's for sure!

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