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Werlitsch vineyard

Ewald & Brigitte Tscheppe

Weingut Werlitsch

All eyes on Ewald & Brigitte Tscheppe from Werlitsch:

🏠 Come from Styria, Austria
🍇 Make complex wines with lots of energy
🍷 Almost always sold out
🥂 Only white grape varieties

At Brigitte and Ewald Tscheppe's Weingut Werlitsch in Styria, great wines are created with little intervention. On the 9 hectares with partly dizzyingly steep slopes exclusively white grape varieties grow, which are cultivated with great care according to biodynamic standards. In the cellar, Ewald trusts in the quality of his grapes, avoids major interventions during vinification, and lets his wines settle down in large wood for at least two years. Perhaps that is why they are so calm and deep - just pure bliss. Our recommendation for a particularly cozy evening: a bottle of Glück!
Werlitsch vineyard
Werlitsch vineyard

Southern Styria, Austria

Oh, you beautiful southern Styria! Multi-layered and varied soils full of marl, sand, slate and limestone are found here in the incredibly steep vineyards, which can hardly be worked with machines. What does this mean for the winemakers? Almost unconditional manual labor. With the Mediterranean temperatures, a droplet of sweat may run down your forehead. It's good to cool down a bit in the evening with a good glass of wine. The region is also often referred to as the Tuscany of Austria. Understandably so - beautiful nature, great wines, good food and friendly people, just like Werlitsch!

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