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Joiseph Weingut Natural Wines

Luka, Richard & Xandl


All eyes on Luka, Richard & Xandl from JOiSEPH:

🏠 Come from Burgenland, Austria
🍇 Call themselves the "small natural wine workshop"
🍷 Farm just under 6 hectares
❤ Love minimalism

JOiSEPH is not a classic Weingut, that much is clear. The "small natural wine workshop", as the friends Luka, Richard and Xandl call it, was founded in January 2015 - without a cellar, without a tractor, without infrastructure. But instead with many ideas and precise visions: The wines should be authentic, natural and individual. The vineyards are cultivated organically and the grapes are harvested by hand: This is a task, of course, for all three. The almost 6 hectares yield wild, unfiltered and exciting wines. The best example is the Piroska.

joiseph weingut rebberge
Joiseph Weingut rebgarten

Leithaberg, Austria

Not far from Vienna, a fabulously diverse world unfolds in the east of Austria. From the steppe lakes, to the endless expansion of the Pannonian Plain, to the colorful vineyards spread across Burgenland. In northern Burgenland, everything revolves around Lake Neusiedl. The huge lake has a strong influence on the climate and the vineyards that surround it. The JOiSEPH-Weingut is located in the northeast of the Neusiedlersee, in Jois am Leithagebirge. The area likes to show itself with a breeze of minerality. What a dreamlike terroir!

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