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Introducing HAUSWEIN:

❤ Favorite wines from favorite winemakers
🔥 The 8gb vision in wine form
🏡 Drinkable, fresh, delicious
🍷 Always fits, I promise!

House wine as it should be

Boring at best and undrinkable at worst. Often with a lot of body and with even more residual sugar. The bad reputation of house wine is not entirely unjustified. We want to change that. Because we like the concept of house wine: a wine that you want to drink all the time. A wine that goes with every meal, whether homemade or delivered. One that has a permanent spot in your fridge, between your oat milk and pesto. It is drinkable, fresh, not too expensive, and above all: delicious. The 8gb line HAUSWEIN is home to exactly such wines from our very favorite winemakers.

HAUSWEIN 8greenbottles

Berlin, Germany

Wine from Berlin? Only half. The ideas, the design and a lot of motivation for the project come from Berlin. The city is perfect for that, but not so much for winemaking. 😉 The wines are made by our favorite winemakers. For example, Claus Preisinger and Judith Beck!

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