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Natural wine restaurants, bars, cafes 8greenbottles wines

The best restaurants, bars and stores for natural wine

You want to know in which restaurants you can find natural wine? Then you've come to the right place. Here you can find out which restaurants, bars, cafes and stores serve 8greenbottles wines.

Natural wine + good food = happiness

These restaurants serve 8gb wines


🍽 Restaurant 🛒 Shop/Concept store 🍸 Bar ☕ Coffee 🌱 great (not only) for veggies 💿 for music lovers 🥐 croissants etc. etc. 🍻 Craft beer heaven


(Psst, you want 8 tips for Berlin! Then this way!)



D59B 🍸 💿 Bar with residents and guest DJs & home of D59B Radio

Kaffee Ingwer 🌱 🥐 Vegan day cafe without withdrawal symptoms

Michelberger 🍽️ 🌱 Independent hotel with character and style

Protocol 🍻 A unique craft beer list with limited editions.



Bar Italia ☕ Oldschool espresso bar with cozy setting

Horváth 🍽️ 🌱 The essence of Austrian cuisine in the unconventional star restaurant

Coffee bar 🌱 🥐 Coffee and cake and a large sun terrace

Layla 🍽️ 🌱 Upscale Israeli and Mediterranean cuisine

LOK6 🍽️ 🌱 Eating place and meeting place for culinary exchange

Ora 🍽️ 🍸 🌱 Always changing set menus in the most beautiful pharmacy in the city

Ottorink wine bar 🍸 Fun open wines and bar snacks

Populus Coffee 🌱 🥐 Espresso and filter bar and tasty sandwiches

Recorder Gallery & Café 🍽️ 🍸 Contemporary art, seafood and natural wines.

Salumeria Lamuri 🍽️ 🌱Italian restaurant in an old butcher shop

Sorrel 🍽️ ☕ 🌱 Brunch, apéro and now also dinner in a casual setting

St. Bart 🍽️ 🍺 Pub Food reloaded!



Aera ☕ 🥐 Gluten-free bakery with the best grilled cheese in town

Baret 🍽️ 🌱 Dignified and delicious food in the Humboldt Forum

Café Bravo ☕ 🍸 Pastries, coffee and aperitivo with wine

Café Schroeder ☕ 🥐 🍽️ 🌱 The stylish sister restaurant of Café Flo (Prenzlauer Berg) with the best brunch menu

Capvin 🍽️ 🌱 Pizza like in Naples!

Chateau Royal 🍽️ 🌱 Innovative boutique hotel with the best chef!

Cordo 🍽️ Modern, European cuisine with star

Einsunternull 🍽️ Michelinstar restaurant with a great wine list

Jord 🍸 Sister wine bar of the very special restaurat Faelt

Katz Orange 🍽️ 🌱 Seasonal, international, and part of the Contemporary Food Lab.

Lovebirds Pizza 🌱 🍽️ Pizza, pizza, pizza

Milchhalle 🥐 ☕ Cappuccino followed by natural wine

The NOname 🍽️ Fine Dining in Mitte

Sofi Bakery 🥐 ☕ Danish-style organic bakery in Mitte

Torbar 🍽️ 🍸 Most beautiful brasserie in Torstraße with oldschool vibes



Ada Bar 🍸 Bar at Sonnenallee

Barra 🍽️ 🌱 Seasonal dishes to share, definitely order everything once!

Dots🌱 Brunch spot by day, wine bar by night

Ezsra 🍽️ 🌱 Wild food, wild wine, wild times

GAZZO pizza 🍽️ 🌱 Sourdough pizza is life!

Hallmann & Klee 🍽️ 🌱 Changing menus with best wine accompaniment in the Richardkiez

Holly Gastrobar 🍸 🍽️ 🌱 Seasonal, local, wonderful!

JAJA 🍽️ 🌱 🍸 Natural wine and seasonal food in a bistro atmosphere.

La Bolognina 🍽️ 🌱 Pasta, pasta, pasta (and tiramisu!)

La Côte 🍽️ 🌱 Stylish restaurant with sea breeze

Merold 🍽️ 🌱 Traditional cooking crafts from around the world combined with seasonal products from Berlin and Brandenburg.

Motif 💿 🛒 🍸 Wine and music united forever! Creative oasis for music creators

Oona Bar 🍸 Meeting space, co-working space, watering hole

Muted Horn 🍻 🛒 Sensational selection of craft beer with cozy patio.

Terz🍽️ Café in Schillerkiez

Victoria Tacos 🍽️ 🌱 Tacos & Margaritas right on the canal

La Vineria 🍸 Wine bar with a lot of flair



AV Restaurant 🍽️ 🌱 Seasonal tasting menus in a casual atmosphere

Bar Normal 🍽️ 🌱 Cool setting, good food and rare natural wines.

Café Flo🌱 Cappucino and breakfast (all day!)

Café Frieda 🌱 🥐 🍸 All-day Hangout with bread, wine & oysters!

Dr. Maury 🍽️ 🌱 🍸 Varied bar snacks and French charm in its purest form

Estelle Dining 🍽️ 🌱 Sharing plates and sourdough pizza - best combo ever!

Kochu Karu 🍽️ 🌱 Where Spain and Korea meet

Konträr🍽️ Sharing Plates & Bar Vibes

Kutzner & Kutzner 🛒 🥐 Organic food and delicatessen since 1999

Manifest Taproom 🍻 Craft beer bar with more than 20 varieties near Mauerpark

Mrs Robinson's 🍽️ 🌱 Uncompromisingly sustainable cuisine with the wow factor

November Brasserie 🍽️ Sashimi, natural wines and more!

Otto 🍽️ 🌱 Brutally local cuisine with the best ingredients from Brandenburg

Rhinoçéros 🍸 💿 Japanese inspired bar culture: jazz and drinks in harmony

Sathutu 🍽️ 🌱 Brings the taste of Sri Lanka to picturesque Ryke Street

Valla Vino 🛒 Natural wines in the Pfefferberg market hall



Bar Henrietta 🍸 Most beautiful bar in quaint Sprengelkiez

Callie's ☕ Artistic non-profit institution in Wedding



FUCHS, Aachen 🍽️ 🥐 🌱 Food, coffee, breakfast, cakes

Dreilinden, Bamberg 🍽️ 🌱 Best pub feeling with selected wines

The Good Hood, Bielefeld 🍽️ 🌱 Asian cuisine meets fine burgers!

Halbstark Coffee, Detmold 🥐 Coffe and the works in a pretty setting

Labsal, Dortmund 🍽️ Homemade Swabian cuisine in the Ruhr area

Mano, Nuremberg 🍽️ Brand new Iberian restaurant in Nuremberg

Mbassy, Düsseldorf 🍽️ Sustainability, food, wine and music in Düsseldorf's city center

Wyno Wine Bar, Dusseldorf 🍸 💿 Cool natural wine bar, great atmosphere and hello Düsseldorf!

Blumen & Fleurie, Frankfurt 🍽️ 🌱 🍸 Seasonal restaurant with small wine bar!

Chairs, Frankfurt 🍽️ 🌱 Most beautiful place, most beautiful food, most beautiful wine

Emma Metzler, Frankfurt 🍽️ 🌱 Modern-regional cuisine all the way

Gaia, Gerswalde 🍽️ 🌱 Regional food in a magical place

Florinstube, Heidelberg 🍽️ 🌱 Natural wine and slow food - perfect pairing anyway!

Old Fashioned, Heilbronn 🍸 💿 Heilbronn premium cocktail bar

Mondi, Kassel 🍽️ 🌱 Noise-to-tail meets farm-to-plate

Orto, Oldenburg 🍽️ 🥐 🌱 Sourdough bread, natural wine and food for every day.

IKO Restaurant, Osnabrück 🍽️ A must for fine dining lovers!

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