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Shadowfolk Vineyards Petra Kujanpaa

Petra Kujanpaa

Shadowfolk Vineyards

All eyes on Petra from Shadowfolk Vineyards:

🏠 Makes wine at the Mosel, Germany
⛄ Originally from Finland
🍇 Makes quite concentrated wines
💪 Career changer

It's maybe not a good idea to make wine in Finland, but it is at the Mosel . Especially Riesling - Petra's favorite wine. So young Petra left her home Finnland for a small vineyard in the Mosel. The project name: "Shadowfolk Vineyards." For Petra, the fusion of old and new is particularly important. She relies on old vines and old craftsmanship, yet gives the wines a playful freshness and lightness. Petra describes her wines as "alternative", and we understand exactly what she means. Somehow different . And that's a good thing.

Shadowfolk Vineyards wine corks
Shadowfolk Vineyards Vines

Mosel, Germany

Everyone has heard of Mosel. Those incredibly steep vineyards that slope towards the meandering river in the valley. The almost sacred Riesling, which feels so incredibly at home here and develops quite wonderfully. From the Vosges to Koblenz, everything along the Mosel revolves around viticulture. From the Saar to the Middle Mosel to the Terrace Mosel, Riesling is the most important grape variety everywhere. Depending on where the Riesling takes root, it can ripen and develop quite differently. The traditional, large wineries still set the tone here, but it's fantastic to see a younger generation getting involved with Mosel-natural wines. For example: Shadowfolk Vineyards!

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