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KE(C)K 2022

Catherina Stabentheiner-Andert

Keck Blaufränkisch Catherina Stabentheiner-Andert
  • Color: Red
  • Grape variety: Blaufränkisch
  • Logo DemeterDemeter


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Delicious and perky!

Cathi brought us a full-bodied Blaufränkisch a.k.a. Kékfrankos a.k.a. Kék (translates to "perky") - and wow, it's so special! So full, wild, earthy and perfectly charming!

Details about this wine

  • Style: powerful & intense
  • Alcohol Content: 11,5
  • Vintage: 2022
  • Country of Origin: Austria
  • Region: Burgenland
  • Address: Lerchenweg 16, 7152 Pamhagen
  • Allergens: contains sulfites
Keck Catherina Stabentheiner-Andert

Made by Catherina Stabentheiner-Andert

Catherina Stabentheiner Wines

Cathi's story begins in Carinthia in southern Austria, in a small village called Stabenthein (I wonder if it's a coincidence that that's her own name). Then she went to Vienna as a sommelier, and later followed love to nearby Burgenland. And since 2020, she has been tending her Blaufränkisch vineyard in Neusiedl am See. A winemaker on a detour!

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