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Avaa Verjus

Benjamin, Edward & Jacob

Avaa Verjus

All eyes on Benjamin, Edward & Jakob from Avaa:

🏠 Come from Rheinhessen & Berlin, Germany
🍇 Work with unripe grapes
🍷 Tinker with the best non-alcoholic alternative
🍋 Love sour stuff

Avaa is the result of a long search for a regional alternative to lemon and lime. Benjamin, Edward and Jakob were convinced that it must exist and that it will play a role in non-alcoholic beverage accompaniment. Enter, verjus: a juice made from grapes harvested before ripeness. Together with various bartenders, the three experimented with the perfect mix and perfect harvest time for their Verjus. The result is a true all-rounder! Our tip: mix it with tonic, soda or lemonade! And you can also use it to pimp vinaigrettes and risotto!

Avaa Verjus, unripe grapes
Avaa Verjus, Rheinhessen

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