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Natural wines for the vacations

8 natural wines for your summer vacation

Splish, Splash! Holiday is calling! And because the pool is only half the refreshment we desire, we have curated a list full of beautiful natural wines for your vacation. 🏝️

Vacation vibes guaranteed!

All Summer Long

Vacation without wine? No, thanks, I'd rather stay on my balcony with a good bottle of chilled red if that's the case. However, if you really want to enjoy your vacation, make sure to pack a few very special natural wines.

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1. Pink fizzy from Glow Glow

Irresistible fizzy cherry pleasure. The Pink Fizzy is the ultimate Rosé Pet Nat for all those who like it fruity (so, basically everyone).

2. Little fluffy clouds from Fruita Analògica

Just stare at the sky, watch the clouds and learn the art of doing nothing sip-by-sip. That's what's called vacation and the time out we all have earned. Accompanied by tropical fruits and flower meadows. 🌸

3. Ex Vero III S from Werlitsch

Treat yourself! Indulgence could truly be a synonym for Werlitsch. The wines are as lively as they come. So complex, lingering on the palate, and with a huge range of flavors. Yep, that's Werlitsch.

4. Down to Earth Light from Michaela Riedmüller

Light, but definitely not boring! This Welschriesling has it all. Persimmon, apricots and a little bit of smoke. Best aperitif for the barbecue night!



5. Mash Pitt from Pittnauer

When you picture an orange wine in your head, it often has a deep amber color with a golden shimmer, it smells spicy, almost earthy on the nose, and feels intense on the palate. It has presence, body, fruit and balance. Mash Pitt is all that and much more!



6. Nava from Piri Naturel

A wine with a pink glow, apricot jam on the nose and honeydew melon on the palate. It can only put a smile on your face! Guaranteed to go with any vacation!



7. Flamingo from lammidia

The wine goes perfectly with the air mattress (or inflatable flamingo) in the pool, sunglasses on your face and the smell of sunscreen in your nose. That's just about how Davide from Lammidia sold this wine to us... it worked!



8. Blaufränkisch aus dem Kalk from Michael Wenzel

When the blanket comes out in the evening and you cozy up with your loved ones, have deep conversations by candlelight and forget about the outside world, the Blaufränkisch is your faithful companion. It supports the mood and keeps you warm.



What could possibly go wrong on your vacation with these wines? Nothing!

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