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RAW Popup on November 26, 2022 // Magnums, Focaccia & Cookies

Let's ring in the RAW Natural Wine Fair together with Magnums 🍾

WHEN: NOVEMBER 26, 2022, 6pm-10pm

WHERE: 8greenbottles Kreuzberg

PRICE: €12.90 (includes 1 piece of focaccia from SOFI, 1 cookie from Cookies & Co, and 1 glass of wine)


Popup with the best magnums from 3 German wineries: 2Naturkinder, Bianka and Daniel Schmitt and Glücksjäger. Also there: the best focaccias from SOFI and the best cookies from Cookies and Co. 😉

WHERE: 8greenbottles Kreuzberg (Böckhstr. 12, 10967 Berlin)

WHEN: November 26, 2022, 6pm-2pm

PRICE: €12,90 (for 1 focaccia, 1 cookie and 1 glass of wine)

The RAW weekend is just around the corner. 😍 And we want to celebrate it with you. And of course we need: MAGNUMS! 🍾

What our RAW POPUP has to offer? This:

  • We will be drinking magnums together from our three wineries that will be at RAW: Bianka & Daniel Schmitt, 2Naturkinder and Glücksjäger. 🎉
  • SOFI and Cookies and Co will also be there with their treats. ❤
  • The ticket for €12,90 includes 1 focaccia from SOFI, 1 cookie from Cookies and Co and 1 glass of wine. 🥂
  • We pour a few great wines by the glass per winery! 🍷

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