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8 natural wines from women's hands for World Women's Day

Women winemakers: 8 wines from women you must try

Looking for wine from women's hands? We can help! These 8 wines from female winemakers are a must-try. Say cheers already!

Winemaker love!

All the power women with skill level^2000

Whether it's Women's* Day, a birthday or just another Tuesday, why not pour yourself something good 😉 These wines from women's hands are so incredibly versatile, inviting and animating. There's something for everyone.

1. Superglitzer from the rennersistas

Here is the first challenge: light red wine, where any resistance is more than futile. Because you can really only keep on sipping and indulge in happy thoughts.

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2. from earth to down by Michaela Riedmüller

All the way down to earth is this wine from Michaela. From the earth to the cellar, where an elegant orange is created from the Welschriesling and Neuburger grapes by means of a gentle fermentation. That's Earth to Down, Baby!

More about Michaela Riedmüller

3. Frauenpower by Alanna LaGamba

Well, the message is clear, isn't it? Power to the Women*! This also pairs great with Lambrusco-style Dornfelder Pet Nat from Rheinhessen. Is the pizza already in the oven?

More about Alanna LaGamba

4. out from Judith Beck

Judith Beck is one of our OG winemakers. So much finesse and class in her wines! Same with this blend from Zweigelt & Blaufränkisch. Absolute master class!

More about Judith Beck



5. pétillant naturel white from Piri Naturel

Scheurebe and Christine Pieroth. What a pairing! With strong support from the bubbles you'll something enticingly fresh, slightly floral, and definitely first-class!

More about Piri Naturel


6. powerglow by Alanna LaGamba and Pauline Baumberger

Two female winemakers and a joint wine? That screams POWER and of course glittering, sparkling GLOW! Müller-Thurgau fermented on the mash meets fresh Riesling. Rheinhessen meets Nahe. And with us? Love meets even more love and a lot of temptation on top! PS: The whole thing is also available in red.

More about Alanna LaGamba

More about GLOW GLOW



7. Großer Wiesenknopf by Katrin Lautner

Katrin is brand new to the winemaker game. She brings wildflower vibes, craftsmanship and, with this Zweigelt , lots and lots of wild berries. Prösterle!

More about Katrin Lautner



8. white from GLOW GLOW

Finally, we recommend this spritzy bottle. Pears, light bubbles and white flowers sweeten your day in this wine. Thank you Pauline (and Carl too, of course)!

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